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Compliance and Privacy Enforcer (CAPE™)

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CAPE's Major Differentiated Benefits

The most differentiating characteristic of a CAPE is its ability to ‘Cost Effectively’ implement the Automation of Key Processes

Unified Compliance & Privacy Enforcer

CAPE is a next generation Unified Data Compliance and Privacy Enforcement solution that enables total enforcement across all different types of mandates

3 Steps for automated DSR Processing

Intelligent Automation provides for fully automated DSR processing as well as greatly reduced Total Cost of Service (TCS) of the Consumer Data Compliance Service

Automated Data eDiscovery

CAPE incorporates industry’s most sophisticated Data Discovery Engine that has been built from the ground up

Automated Data Mapping

CAPE incorporates a sophisticated Data Mapping Engine that automatically creates a persistent Universal Data Map (UDM) for the Objects that exist in the enterprise corpuses

Automated DSR Handler

CAPE incorporates a unique fully automated Role-based Data Subject Access Request - DSAR, and Data Subject Request – DSR, Enforcement Engine

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Data Privacy Laws & Penalties

Organizations face pervasive risk of serious fines as mandated by the Consumer Data Privacy Regulations.
Companies that fail to comply with these Data Privacy Regulations aren't just risking financial penalties but also regulatory, operational and reputational losses.

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Unified Compliance & Privacy Enforcer

In order to achieve the ability to implement a comprehensive set of Data/Information Compliance and Privacy Mandates, Compliance and Privacy Enforcer (CAPE) uses a Deep Artificial Intelligence platform incorporating the foundational technologies shown in the diagram below.

Best in Class Data Security

3 Steps for automated DSR Processing

CAPE provides integration into Large Volume Scalable Data Repository Connectors, both On-Prem and in the Cloud. Cohesive and seamless integration of these intelligently automated features is imperative in as much as manual dependency is prone to inadvertent human error and/or malicious circumvention of these processes.

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Intelligent Automation of Data Privacy and Compliance

The GhangorCloud team is comprised of Data Compliance & Data Privacy experts.
The CAPE platform automates all the tasks required to comply with Data Privacy mandates such as CCPA, GDPR, etc.

Read the eBook: «Compliance and Privacy Enforcer»

Read the eBook: Compliance and Privacy Enforcer


CAPE is a full stack Privacy Compliance Enforcement Platform that provides the lowest TCO by implementing a comprehensive set of data compliance mandates

Comprehensive Automation

  • Ease of Use
  • Automated enforcement of compliance and privacy regulations
  • Implements the comprehensive set of data compliance mandates via intellegent automation of key processes
  • Protection against Data Breaches
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  • Provides the lowest TCO by implementing the solution in the most cost effective manner
  • Incorporates advanced features to deliver reliable and cost-effective efficacy in automatic performance of Data Discovery, Data Classification, Data Mapping and Consumer Privacy Compliance Enforcement tasks in reallife Consumer Data Privacy Enforcement scenarios
Best in Class Data Security


  • Enforces all consumer data compliance mandates such as CCPA, GDPR, PDPB, PDPL etc
  • These privacy laws are set up to protect personal information, financial and consumer behavioral information from any wrongful perusal or for financial gains without prior consent of the consumer.
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