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We Secure the Enterprise
and the Cloud

A leading provider of next-generation Information Security & Compliance solutions

Patented Artificial Intelligence – AI Algorithms

AI algorithms automatically adapt, identify, classify, comply, and secure information in unique and ultrasecure ways.

Industry’s Most Advanced Automated POLICY Synthesis Engine

Automated policy definition prevents waste of time and eliminates errors.

On-Premise Or Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Turnkey and ultrasafe security solutions exist as hybrid deployment and eliminate uncontrolled access.

Backup & Recovery

Never loose data, keep a backup safe and secure against malicious data exfiltration or security evasion.

Founded in
Customers including Fortune 1000

Trusted by Customers Worldwide

GhangorCloud advanced cloud security is trusted by more companies every day because of its superb pioneering approach to data security.

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Learn about our technology

A significant part of our excellence in hybrid cloud security is due to four key technological breakthroughs, including proprietary and pioneering approaches that can completely prevent malicious data exfiltration or security evasion, providing the best data and organizational security.

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Securing the Enterprise and the Cloud

GhangorCloud offers turnkey solutions for cloud security and on-site server security. Automated and proprietary systems technology unlocks safe and secure operations.

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Enterprise Deployment

Enterprise deployment of the information security enforcer enables maximum visibility and control for those that need it and stands as a brick wall for those that don’t.

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Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Readily deployable technology on the cloud infrastructure provides massive scalability, multi-point security and prevents uncontrolled access to its network.

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Artificial Intelligence – AI Algorithms

AI algorithms beat human attackers and provide enterprise structure such as automatic role assignment, policy enforcement, and regulatory compliance, requiring minimal human interaction.

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Auto Identification
& Auto Classification

Indentity & Role

AutoAuthorization Engine
& Algorithms


Enforcement Engine
& Algorithms

of Duty

Policy Engine
& Algorithms


Full Visibility & Control

Four Key Technological Breakthroughs:

Industry’s most advanced Automated Data Identification & Classification Engine
Identity & Role driven Access Control and Authorization Engine/Algorithms
Segmentation of Duty (SoD) driven Policy Automation Engine/Algorithms
Governance & Compliance driven Enforcement Engine/Algorithms

Want to See GhangorCloud in Action?

Policy is a Serious Matter

Automates the POLICY Definition Process

Cuts down Policy Definition Time, Effort, Cost & Complexity

Automates the Generation of Very High Granularity Policies

Eliminates POLICY Errors, Inconsistencies and Inaccuracies

Unique Identity & Role based Policy Definition

Enables Enforcement of SoD & Responsibility based Security Paradigm