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Command and control console for DLP reporting

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A military style command center puts all key facts and events together to allow for quick analysis of a situation.  This is what security administrators require for management of the daily spectrum of DLP incidents.  Some of the incidents are trivial, others will threaten the business.  The key is to be able to sort them all very quickly and take action where needed.
Protecting against data leaks has many similarities to a military engagement.  There are many things happening at once – some of them are acceptable and others not.  A security team has to be able to quickly see and react to undesirable events.  The key elements of a security operations center should be:
Centralized – all the incidents are shown and categorized by severity
Command – the console provides the ability to easily identify critical events
Control – incidents which require Security team attention are easy to access and sorted by severity
Intelligence – All of the key facts are presented in cascading levels of detail
For security administrators, the key items of information for DLP incidents are:

  • What kind of incident occurred?
  • How did it happen – email, web, file transfer?  
  • What resource was involved?
  • Who were the actors?
  • What was the source IP address?
  • What actions were taken to control the incident?

You need to see all of this information on the same screen, at the same time to be able to manage your information security.
Part of a good command center is the ability to look back at previous activity and find trends.  You need a reporting function that lets you quickly call up previous incidents by category (severity, resource, actor) and check for reoccurring behavior.  This lets you find repeat problems and repeat offenders quickly.  If the same operations, IP addresses or actors continue to attempt extrusions, you need to investigate the situation quickly.
GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer provides a single pane of glass to view all of your DLP incidents with all of the information you need.

Request a demo and we will show you how the GhangorCloud C4I (Centralized Command, Control and Intelligence) interface provides all the information you need to understand and manage security incidents, in real time.

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