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Playing tag – The security game that never ends

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If you have a Data Leak Prevention system from one of the traditional providers, you have the opportunity to constantly play tag.  In order to ensure the safety of your sensitive documents, you must constantly identify and find all the new documents which require protection.
Was there a new financial statement today?  Must tag that.  Was there a new spec written today?  Must tag that.  Were new customers added today?  Must tag that information.  You cannot stop hunting and tagging because if you do, your sensitive information will not be identified if someone tries to take it.

Or, you could use regularly scheduled crawlers to find and tag information.  But, do they crawl in every single area where sensitive data could be located?  And how often do they crawl?  Daily?

For those companies who do not have the resources to invest in people to constantly tag their sensitive data, there is a better way.  Automation of data classification will take you to the next level of Data Leak Prevention.

There is a different way to ensure that sensitive data does not escape.  Rather than try and tag all of the sensitive data before it moves, an automated system can find it as it moves.  Finding sensitive data in motion is the key to data leak prevention.  This is particularly important as finding all the sensitive data at rest cannot be done with 100% certainty.  Newly created data is just as likely to escape as tagged legacy data.

If you are tired of playing Tag the Data, you might want to consider looking at an automated DLP system that finds the sensitive data only when it is used inappropriately.

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