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Good news – the most tedious job in security has been automated!

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What is the most tedious task in security? Data classification.  Where is this the biggest problem?  In DLP systems.
In the past, DLP systems could never be totally current.  There was always unclassified sensitive data that was vulnerable to exfiltration.
There are three reasons for this:

  1. The IT department can never find every piece of a company’s sensitive data
  2. Sensitive data changes every day
  3. Sensitive data comes in too many forms

Is there a way around this problem?  Yes.  Real-time, automated data classification.
In an era where we have self-driving cars, it is reasonable to expect that sensitive data can be automatically classified.  This delivers a huge gain for security teams everywhere.  Now, we can have DLP that stays completely current with the state of sensitive information.
So how does this work?
Information is about patterns.  Different kinds of information have different patterns.  If you look at a tax document, it has a specific type of pattern.  So do medical documents and financial documents.  If you reduce documents to different types of patterns, you can quickly match patterns to information.  GhangorCloud has developed these patterns (called ontologies) to compare against data in transit.  Whenever a match is found, a workflow is initiated.
Not all sensitive information is equal.  Some information is more important than others.  So data classification systems need to understand different levels of sensitive information.  Certain kinds of sensitive information (such as customer records) need to be circulated within a company.  But not outside of a company.  Having real-time auto-classification of information allows you to control what information is going where.  Being able to distinguish a financial document from patient records allows a DLP system to quickly and accurately apply policy.  Especially if you can analyze who is sending and receiving the information.
Since auto-classification works out of the box, it means your DLP can go to work immediately.  It also means that your DLP will always be current.  There will be no need for constant tagging of sensitive information.  Think of all that free time AND you will have current DLP.
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