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Compliance and Data Security – Granular Control of Information is the Key

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How do you know if your PII and HIPPA data is being used properly? Demonstrating compliance is a difficult task, unless you have evidence that your regulated information is being actively controlled. What would that look like?
You could set up a control system whereby only people with the proper clearance could send or receive sensitive information. Your regulated information would be identified as it was sent through the network. This system would automatically check every email to see if the sender AND receiver were cleared to receive information. If there was a problem, the email could be blocked completely, or sent to a manager for review.
One of the key parts of a compliance proof is forensics. With detailed information, you can prove that your regulated information is controlled. A thorough forensics report will tell you if there were any attempts to exfiltrate your sensitive information and by whom. This will allow you to correct any access problems that could lead to problems.
One of the emerging problems in data security is third party information access. Perhaps you use a third party for accounting or patient records. Having a strong information control system will provide a record of any unnecessary or unauthorized transmissions.
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