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Industry’s most advanced Automated Data Identification & Classification Engine
Identity & Role driven Access Control and Authorization Engine/Algorithms
Segmentation of Duty (SoD) driven Policy Automation Engine/Algorithms
Governance & Compliance driven Enforcement Engine/Algorithms

Evolution of DLP solutions

GhangorCloud is the Industry’s First and Only 4th Generation DLEP Platform that provides Data Security against Malicious Insider and Outsider Attacks.

ISE for Enterprises

Understanding 4th Generation DLEP?

The Most Advanced DLEP Solution

Best-of-Breed DLEP by Frost & Sullivan, Best DLP of the Year ‘16-’17-’18 by Computing Security, Network Security

Marquee Customer Deployments

World’s Largest EDA Companies, National Security Agencies, Oil & Gas Companies, Large Banks & Financial Institutions, Government Organizations

Recognized by Top Industry Analysts

Mike Suby, Frost & Sullivan: “GhangorCloud’s DLEP Technology is one of the three ‘Most Important’ data security technologies along with IBM and Micro Focus.”



Information Security Enforcer (ISE™)

Information Security Enforcer (ISE™) redefines industry’s standard of Information Security & Compliance.

Widely recognized in the industry as the Most Advanced Data Leak Exfiltration Prevention Platform for within the Enterprise and the Web information security.

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Compliance and Privacy Enforcer (CAPE™)

Compliance and Privacy Enforcer (CAPE™) automates Regulatory Compliance for specific industries.

Abide by legal and regulatory compliance in a built-in automated process that guarantees you meet industry standards and data security.

Key Features

Total Automation of Complex Tasks

Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform for “Total Automation” of Complex and Error Prone Tasks

Real-time Automatic Data Classification and Correlation

Industry’s Most Advanced Auto-Identification and Auto-Classification Engine

Identity & Role based Data Security

Industry’s First and Only Identity & Role driven Access Control for each type and class of Information & Data Elements

Centralized Command, Control & Intelligence

Real-time Centralized Command Control Collaboration & Intelligence System for the Enterprise & Cloud SOCs

Information GRC Enforcement in Real-time

Information Governance & Regulatory Compliance with Segmentation of Duty (SoD) based Controlled Access and Use of Applications, Protocols, Contents and Information

Automated Policy Engine

Industry’s Most High Granularity Automated Policy Synthesis and Enforcement in Real-time

Industry’s best Security DLEP Solutions

Security DLEP Solutions Security DLEP Solutions

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