GhangorCloud Earns The Prestigious Frost & Sullivan's 2018 Technology Innovation Award !!

Pioneer of - 4th Generation Data Leak and Exfiltration Prevention (DLEP)

Why 4th Generation DLEP?

Previous Generation DLP Failed to Deliver Beyond Trivial Use Cases of Accidental Data Leak
1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation DLP Solutions –
Limited Capability with Very High Failure Rate
CASB Vendors offer only 'TRIVIAL' DLP Features
Evolution of DLP Solutions
KEY LIMITATION: Accidental & Trivial Data Leak Scenarios only
Accidental & Malicious Data Leak Scenarios

4th Generation DLEP – A Holistic Approach to Information Security & Compliance

Information GRC Enforcement in Real-time
Industry’s First and Only Information Governance & Regulatory Compliance with Segmentation of Duty (SoD) based Controlled Access and Use of Applications , Protocols, Contents and Information
Identity & Role based Data Security
Industry’s First and Only Identity & Role driven Access Control for each type and class of Information & Data Elements
Automated Policy Engine
Industry’s Most High Granularity Automated Policy Synthesis and Enforcement in Real-time
Automatic Control of Cloud Access
High Granularity Control of Cloud Access with Advanced Content Aware Policies
Centralized Command, Control & Intelligence
Real-time Centralized Command Control & Intelligence System for the Enterprise & Cloud SOCs
4th Generation Data Leak Prevention
Industry’s Most Advanced Data Leak Prevention Engine
Real-time Automatic Data Classification and Correlation
Industry’s Most Advanced Auto-Identification and Auto-Classification Engine
GhangorCloud’s ISE product for deep support of GDPR mandate

Real-time Data Protection : Within the Enterprise and Into the Cloud

Real Time Data protection

Realtime Prevention of Inadvertent and Malicious Data Exfiltration Attempts

Built-in Governance & Regulatory Compliance

All Business Specific Compliance is Enforced as per the Segmentation of Duty (SoD) Principle

Always Current Policies

Automated Policies Control Who Should Have Access to What

Realtime Forensic Analysis

Provides 360 Degree View into Incidents with Realtime Forensics and Full Audit Trail

Easy to Implement and Use

Reduces IT Overhead and Cost through Automation

GhangorCloud Success Stories

Industry Awards
Frost and Sullivan: GhangorCloud Earns Frost & Sullivan's 2018 Technology Innovation Award for Pioneering the Fourth Generation of Data Leak Prevention Technology
Computing Security: GhangorCloud – DLP Solution of the Year 2017
Silicon Review: GhangorCloud – 10 Best Security Companies 2017
Network Computing: GhangorCloud – Bench Tested Product of the Year 2017
Computing Security: GhangorCloud – DLP Solution of the Year 2016
Computing Security: GhangorCloud – Editor’s Choice Award 2016

Analysts Recognition
Frost & Sullivan, Sep. 2017: " ... the state of the art in data protection has fallen short in meeting the challenges enterprises face in protecting data. We believe this gap can be closed. The three promising data protection solutions from IBM, Micro Focus, and GhangorCloud. Each is unique in the data protection challenges it addresses". --- said Michael Suby of Frost & Sullivan.
The Silicon Review, June 2017: "GhangorCloud’s 4th Generation DLP Technology successfully addresses the key issues and limitations of existing traditional Data Leak Prevention solutions for Enterprise networks, while providing superior accuracy, performance and maintainability.“
Network Computing, Nov. 2016: "ISE brings a new and credible approach to making sure that data is protected in an appropriate and granular way, a way that supports and protects business operations in real-time.“ --- Ray Smith, Network Computing.
Computing Security, Oct. 2016: At a time when the imperative around compliance has never been greater, with new rules and regulations constantly coming into force, GhangorCloud's Information Security Enforcer promises not only to help keep organisations safe, but also compliant. It was for that reason it won the Editor's Choice Award for 2016." --- Brian Wall, Editor, Computing Security Magazine.
Computing Security, July 2016: GhangorCloud’s Information Security Enforcer (ISE) changes the landscape, as this 4th generation solution can be deployed in a matter of weeks. It achieves this with its unique automatic data classification engine, which dispenses with the time – consuming processes of identifying confidential data, fingerprinting it and defining user access privileges. Enterprises worried about lengthy deployment processes can rest easy with GhangorCloud, as its Information Security Enforcer heralds in a new DLP paradigm.
Partner Quotes
ITQAN Al Khaleej Computers LLC: Hisham Hittini, A/CEO
UAE is a very unique market with its strong inclination to adopt the most innovative cutting-edge technology and solutions. GhangorCloud is a pioneer in the 4th Generation Data Leak Prevention solutions and represents the next frontier in Data Protection & Classification through its innovative patented technologies which enriches and addresses the data security needs of major Organizations and key Business Enterprises in UAE . ITQAN as the premier Channel Partner in UAE believes in the value GhangorCloud is providing to our customers in the UAE market and the continuity in gaining excellent customer interest and traction.
HUAWEI: Colin Hu, Vice President Huawei Enterprise, Middle East GhangorCloud has helped lead the way in patented technology addressing top security and compliance standards that go far beyond traditional data security solutions. We are proud to have GhangorCloud within our global partner network and we look forward to working closely with the team to jointly address our customers most advanced security requirements.
COMGUARD/SPECTRUM GROUP: Ajay Chauhan, Chairman & CEO, UAE & India The GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer provides our customers with a unique and powerful 4th Generation DLP solution that delivers comprehensive protection against all types of data extrusion possibilities within the enterprise. This is particularly important as companies struggle with identifying and controlling malicious data leaks within the company and to the Cloud. GhangorCloud's offering scales for all businesses ranging from SMB to large enterprises.
POWERBLOC GENERATION: Sri Utami Devi, General Manager, Information Security, Malaysia “The most compelling aspect of GhangorCloud's solution is its holistic approach toward information security and compliance. The segmentation-of-duty approach to information security and data leak prevention was a good fit for our client's requirements.”

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4th Generation DLEP - A holistic approach to Information Security

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