Securing the Enterprise and the Cloud

GhangorCloud’s Information Security and Governance solution enables information and data security whether it is located across the enterprise or across the Cloud.

Paradigm Shift

Based upon key ground-breaking technological innovations and a set of patented (and patent pending) algorithms GhangorCloud’s Information Security and Governance solution is a “Paradigm Shift” altogether.

GhangorCloud’s security technology is built from ground up with strong ability to resist ‘Malicious Data Exfiltration’ and ‘Purposeful Evasion’ of security measures.

Four key technological breakthroughs.

  1. Identity & Role driven Authorization Engine/Algorithms
  2. Segmentation of Duty (SoD) driven Policy Engine/Algorithms
  3. Governance & Compliance driven Enforcement Engine/Algorithms
  4. Industry’s most advanced Automated Data Identification & Classification Engine

GhangorCloud’s patented (and patent-pending) algorithms.

Unlike other ‘Policy’ based solutions, GhangorCloud’s patented (and patent-pending) algorithms Auto-Identify and Auto-Classify confidential data, correlate that information to security policies and use that correlation as a means of enforcing security policies against any possible exfiltration and/or compliance violation for that data.

Policy is a SERIOUS MATTER !!!

Industry’s Most Advanced Automated POLICY Synthesis Engine
  1. Automates the POLICY Definition Process – Cuts down Policy Definition Time, Effort, Cost & Complexity
  2. Automates the Generation of Very High Granularity Policies – Eliminates POLICY Errors, Inconsistencies and Inaccuracies
  3. Unique Identity & Role based Policy Definition – Enables Enforcement of SoD & Responsibility based Security Paradigm

On-premise or Cloud-based infrastructure

Redefining the way enterprises secure information in their on-premise infrastructure as well as in the Cloud, GhangorCloud offers the most advanced Information Security Governance and Compliance solution. Based on its patented (and patent pending) core technologies GhangorCloud’s unique solution is a confluence of four key technological