Industry’s Most Advanced Information Security & Compliance Solution

  1. Information Security Enforcer (ISE) redefines industry’s standard of Information Security & Compliance
  2. The Information Security Enforcer is “Industry’s First and Only” solution that seamlessly addresses both Malicious and Inadvertent data/information exfiltration or theft via any channel or application.
  3. Transparently fitting into the Enterprise & Cloud infrastructure, Information Security Enforcer provides the most complete protection against data/information exfiltration and extrusion.

Key Features

  1. Information GRC Enforcement in Real-time – Industry’s First and Only Information Governance & Regulatory Compliance with Segmentation of Duty (SoD) based Controlled Access and Use of Applications , Protocols, Contents and Information
  2. Identity & Role based Data Security – Industry’s First and Only Identity & Role driven Access Control for each type and class of Information & Data Elements
  3. Automated Policy Engine – Industry’s Most High Granularity Automated Policy Synthesis and Enforcement in Real-time
  4. 4th Generation Data Leak Prevention – Industry’s Most Advanced Data Leak Prevention Engine
  5. Centralized Command, Control & Intelligence – Real-time Centralized Command Control & Intelligence System for the Enterprise & Cloud SOCs
  6. Real-time Automatic Data Classification and Correlation – Industry’s Most Advanced Auto-Identification and Auto-Classification Engine

360° Visibility

  1. Real-time Dashboard with Consolidated View of the entire Enterprise and/or Cloud infrastructure
  2. Multi-Tenancy built-in for the largest geographically distributed enterprises and Hybrid Clouds
  3. Web-Browser based access to the System from anywhere in the world
  4. Consolidated View of all Access Points, Data Egress Protocols and Channels
  5. Panoramic View with “Actionable” Alerts/Alarms in Real-time

CyberSOC for the Enterprise & Cloud

Centralized Command Control & Intelligence System for the Enterprise & Cloud SOCs
  1. Real-time Command & Control
  2. Centralized Policies Definition, Enforcement and Management
  3. Centralized Control on Protocols and Data Channels
  4. Centralized Access Control Enforcement

Enabling Information Security without sacrificing productivity.

Enabling Information Security without sacrificing productivity is a daunting challenge. The challenge becomes bigger with the advent of innumerable Cloud applications and data services, many of which are inherently devoid of basic protection for mission critical and confidential information.

It is hence not a surprise that pre-existing and newly emerging security solutions have only met with limited success at the best – merely cobbling together outdated and ineffective technologies has not delivered the required security.

A more profound approach and better technological breakthroughs are essential, in order to address this crucial challenge without hampering the productivity of the workforce.

Enterprise Deployment

  1. Easy to Deploy and Manage: Information Security Enforcer is designed from the ground up for transparent deployment deep inside the enterprise network between corporate employees and data/information repositories, hence enabling maximum visibility and control.
  2. Other competing solutions are intrusive to enterprise infrastructures and require many “moving parts” that require tedious set-up or professional services that carry significant additional costs and ongoing maintenance to function properly.

Cloud Deployment

  1. Information Security Enforcer can also be readily deployed on the Cloud infrastructure.
  2. Massive Scalability across IT infrastructure, on premise or in Cloud.
  3. Massive Multi-Tenancy across large Customer base, on Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud.
  4. Uncontrolled access? Not with Information Security Enforcer.