About US

The Name: Derived from the romantic Urdu & Hindi language poetry, the word ‘Ghangor’ symbolizes a dark moisture rich cloud that heralds the beginning of the much, much awaited monsoon season.

While many clouds don’t rain, Ghangor Cloud (or Ghangor Ghata in Urdu and Hindi) brings fresh showers and with it sprouts bounty on the ground for all living beings. It brings an end to wicked dry spell and adorns the horizon with the rainbow of hope and new beginnings.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, GhangorCloud is a leading provider of next-generation Information Security and Compliance solutions. Founded by veterans of computer & data security industry, GhangorCloud team is comprised of high caliber renowned authorities in data and internet security – many of the team members are counted amongst the ‘Who is Who’ of the information security industry.

GhangorCloud offers the most advanced “Best of the Breed” Information Security & Compliance solution that enables and enforces information security & data leak prevention beyond any traditional solution.